Recently I saw the film Swing directed by Tony Gatlif, a favourite director of mine. I love that Manouche guitar playing! I remember Vengo which I expected to be about flamenco but was mainly about getting pished.

I think RockWiz is rigged and so does my dad. The contestants are just too good to be true. No-one ever misses an answer. This show is just making the world a more cynical place.

Toshiba finally came out with their 16GB USB flash drive. 62600 yen translates to $A682. No indication of speed is given. I see the equivalent Corsair 16GB USB flash drive is $A320.60 at Pricepoint Computers, and a fast A-DATA 8GB USB flash drive is $A207.90 at yeahdone.com.au. Corsair drives didn't get good reviews at newegg.com. Perhaps I should buy the A-DATA one. But with the 16GB version I could get an exact copy of an 8.5GB DL DVD.

Been watching a bit of cricket lately... that Retravision ad with the Proclaimers song is kinda annoying.


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