I like some of Apple's products - I'm typing this on a Macbook Pro connected to the internet with a wireless router (Apple Airport Express). The MBP is very stylish compared to other laptops and I like OS X much better than Windows. Microsoft has done many evil things and so someone has to stick it to them, you know? Hence the Mac.

But with the iPhone and the new iPod touch, Apple has been being evil. So far it's been announced in the US, UK, Germany and France - but in each case it's locked to a carrier. This feels like an attack on consumer choice to me. Granted in the UK, Germany and France you get access to wifi networks of those carriers. Still I can wish for Apple to have a flop in Europe with this product to teach them a much-needed lesson. Bring on the competition.

As for the iPod touch, apparently it doesn't come with Mail which sounds pretty dumb -- they want to differentiate it from the iPhone.


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