mobile scams

Got a missed call on my mobile from 03 8558 1444. As they didn't leave a message I didn't
call back... it was this scam
where they ring once and try to get you to call back to sell you ringtones. (My sister said "wan-giri has come to Australia!")

I've been doing lots of online shopping recently. Got a Samsung D600 for $619 + $55 shipping on ebay.com.au, order on Thursday November 29th. Today there are two sellers offering them for $600 total... Still, I love the phone. If phone makers would get their act together and bring us phones like the V604SH outside of Japan, I'd buy that instead!

I also bought a bunch of Taiyo Yuden DVDs from JPL Displays. Great price, I just wish they come on a spindle.


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