I want to publicly thank Jenny and Sule for their hospitality in Korea and Turkey. Jenny's sister drove me to Incheon Airport from downtown Seoul and petrol is much more expensive in Korea than in Australia. And in Turkey it's the most expensive in the world. KoƧ University has an idyllic location in Istanbul, it comes at the cost of being hard access via public transport though.

Someone told me that there were Baduk (Go) columns in every Korean newspaper. I decided to test this theory - I looked at the eight Saturday dailies available on the Korean Air flight and looked through each of them for the Go column. But only one of them had such a column. I should not have believed the person who told me that because she doesn't read newspapers anyway. :-)

Today, I burnt most of my pictures to DVD. Everything fits on one DVD if I leave off the "panoramic" shots... like for instance when I was going north on the Dangsan bridge from Dangsan to Hapjeong and took many shots of the bridge out of the left-hand windows (which bridge is that?) and also about 100 shots from the Seoul Tower windows (there are 48 windows in the observatory). One day I'll play with Photoshop and make it into a panoramic picture. The Homeplus DVD failed to verify correctly so it's just a coaster now. Waste of 1900 won.


At Wednesday, May 17, 2006 6:57:00 PM, Blogger Jenny said...

I was testing on your memory when I said every Korean newspaper has Baduk columns.:)

Actually, I've seen lots of Baduk columns in different newspapers.

(Or was it too long ago?:))

The bridge is called "Dangsan railroad bridge".

You should write a letter complaining about the DVD to Homeplus.

I wanna see how Samsung deals with a complaint from a customer living abroad!:)


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