At trivia tonight we won the $500 grand final prize (taking into account the scores for the last 9 rounds). It was an interesting format that I hadn't participated in before and which John explained to me beforehand. The host distributes cards marked A, B, C, and D to the top four teams (plus a random team) and asks a multiple-choice question, repeating it once, and then on the count of three a person from each team holds up their answer. The last question was "which country does not border on Iran" -- A Afghanistan, B India, C Turkmenistan, D Turkey. And somehow the team which almost always came first put A, I think, and was eliminated. The other remaining team held up C. Clearly even our most competent opposition are just a bunch of bogans, at least when it comes to geography. (I can't explain how we scored 88 and they scored 100 tonight). We can't rest on our laurels though -- got to keep our minds sharp and our team name fresh!


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