OS X 10.4.7

Apple released an update for Mac OS X, 10.4.7. I installed it without thinking too much. Unfortunately, I have an April 2004 Powerbook and need to put a PCI card in the PCI slot to get any USB 2.0 slots. This update just doesn't work with the USB adapter in the PCI slot at all - things are very slow and upon waking from sleep, the mouse pointer works but I just get the spinning beach ball of death. I'm not happy and lots of other people have the same problem. Fortunately it seems possible to downgrade that part of the update.

EDIT 18 July: "the same problem" link disappeared. So I am copying the fix from here.


Make sure you have a good backup. If this fails for you, you will need to Archive & Install.

I was having the same issue with the computer not waking correctly from sleep after the X.4.7 update discussed in this thread. The problem had to do with having a USB 2.0 PCI card installed.

To fix it, I replaced the /System/Library/Extensions/IOUSBFamily.kext file from the 10.4.7 installation (2.5.6) with the 10.4.6 version (2.2.8).
If you're already on 10.4.7, you'll have to revert to 10.4.6 or use an app like Pacifist to get the 10.4.6 Extensions folder and copy it to another location on disk. Then update to 10.4.7 and after restarting replace the IOUSBFamily.kext installed with 10.4.7 with the copy from 10.4.6, repair permissions, and restart.

So far everything seems to be back to normal and I can put my G4 to sleep and have it wake up ready to go again.It worked for me, hopefully it'll help others having sleep issues.

NOTE: I don't know yet if this will cause conflicts later, but again, so far so good. This was a last resort effort after normal maintenance and disk repair, resetting NVRAM, verifying that it was not account specific (it failed to wake from sleep at the login screen after a restart), and several attempts at Archive&Install, Combo Update from 10.4.0 and 10.4.6, and Delta update from 10.4.6


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