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I bought a belt pouch just before Christmas at Garden City for my D600. But now when I go to answer calls I pull it out of the pouch and it rejects the call!! I am going insane. I did find some answers on the discussion forums.

PokerDoc wrote:
thx in advance WebGuru
First, TY for taking the time to read this..!!!
TY even more if you can answer and help

1. I keep my phone in a neoprene hip/belt holster...everytime the phone rings and I pull it out...it rejects the call....I think the phone is either sliding and closing...or the volume key is rejecting the call...any thoughts or fixes for this...

Dear PokerDoc

I also have the same problem. I have found that it wasn't the keys that were cancelling the incoming calls when I use my D500 with my leather pouch.

I found that when I put my phone next to the magnet which is embedded within the leather pouch it changes the state of the phone. so it goes from "unlocked" to saying "menu/ok" and when I take it away from my leather pouch it asks me whether I wanted to lock the phone.

I am not going to use the leather pouch anymore because the magnet in the pouch interferes with the phone.

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