Samsung PC Studio

Today I installed Samsung PC Studio on my old laptop. It's the notorious Compaq Evo N115, which shut down after a few minutes of CPU usage at 100%. It doesn't have a screen anymore when I went walking with it in the rain in Auburn, Alabama...

Anyway I managed to download all the text (SMS) messages off my phone (Samsung D600) except the ones longer than 160 characters. Apparently these are "EMS messages" and a message comes up saying "This is a EMS message! View in phone". So I can't move those to the computer - I can only delete them with that program. It would be nice if there were a "Message Manager" program like that for the Mac. While googling today I thought maybe I can treat it like a modem and send Hayes AT commands like "AT&V" to it and download them that way. But do I have time to write my own software to do it? I wish Samsung would respect Mac owners enough to write a "Mac Studio". I will have to write to them.


At Friday, February 15, 2008 9:08:00 AM, Blogger Ricardo said...

Sory for my inglish in advanced...

You are totaly right man... after a day or so googling trying to find a way to connect my l760 to my ibook with the usb cable i had to give up... hope the gyes at samsung solve this quikly.

Ricardo From Portugal


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