I dream about computer hardware in my sweet, happy dreams! Realistically, I should be happy with this Powerbook G4 which I got in April 2004. But I am feeling greed or something. I covet after and lust for the Macbook Pro! I want the 15 inch version. On the next iteration, it had better have the 8x dual-layer DVD writer (or a Blu-ray drive) and a 160Gb hard drive. I just learned that 160Gb notebook drives are available today, they are $345 at Nintek. And at the NewEgg site lots of people are saying there will be 200Gb notebook hard drives very soon. The price of everything drops so fast! On August 2, 2005, I bought a 2Gb SD Card for $207.80 and a 2Gb USB flash drive for $169.40 from YeahDone. Now the price for a 4Gb SD card is $141.90 and a 4Gb USB flash drive is $152.90. Wow, so much money down the drain, as my parents would say.

My new work computer should be arriving on Friday! What a joyous day it will be! It's a 3.2GHz Pentium-4 640 (whatever this means) with 2Gb of RAM. On the weekends, it will be running Crafty to analyse various chess positions. Maybe the game I played on Thursday night. Who knows. It will be doing something anyway. It's always a shame to see computers not being used.


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