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My boss went to a funeral of a friend yesterday. The friend got pancreatic cancer and was told he had three months to live, but it turned out to be only three weeks. He was 59, twice my age. I hope to live longer than that. What am I going to do with the next thirty years of my life?

A French student is visiting us at the moment. I have been trying to learn French words in the midst of procrastinating. Yesterday I had a discussion with him about programming languages. He vigorously promoted Caml to me. It has really good reliability and type-checking features. But I am just so used to C now. Am I too old to learn a new programming language well?

Last night I saw a wonderful film called Crossing the Bridge: The Sound of Istanbul at the film festival. It was so good I want to buy the soundtrack. On Saturday night I could see the Iranian war film Gilaneh. But it was not a favourite of audiences at Fajr and so I don't think I will see it then, if it all. Instead, I will go and see the world premiere of "Quest" because I loved the director's last film Paheli. Unfortunately, I have many friends who are quite closed-minded about Bollywood and refuse to see Bollywood films on principle.


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