trivia questions

Last night the host asked "who made the world's first laser printer?". I wrote "Xerox" and showed it to Erina or Scott, I think, and Oddur showed me a piece of paper with "Hewlett-Packard" and I shook my head. But obviously there was a miscommunication, because Erina agreed with Oddur and wrote "HP" anyway. The correct answer is "Xerox" although the host said "Canon" - he must have meant to say "desktop laser printer".

Later one of us seemed to be certain that "pixel" was short for "picture cell". I did know the answer was "picture element" though I must have had too many glasses of wine to care too much about correcting him...

It's all fun, though it did demonstrate the problem with having ten people on the team instead of five or six - it makes it much harder to communicate with the person writing the answers - "too many cooks spoil the broth".


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