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I have been working very hard lately...

Today, I got some spam in Spanish sent to my maths account (ending in .edu.au). I became curious about what it said. (Because I could understand most of it.) Apparently they think I am going to visit a holiday reserve near Lima in Peru.

I commenced a lengthy vigorous discussion with my French officemate. Why did they send it to an Australian educational address? And why do some people get so much Korean, Chinese, and Japanese spam that they cannot understand?

I asked him if there was a French word for spam and he said there wasn't. So I typed invent french new words into google, and the very first result was discussing this exact topic on a blog! Some of the commenters said there were two words for spam in French -- pourriel and polluriel. I decided to research when each of these words were first used using groups.google.com. Pourriel is first, being first used on 1999-03-26 and polluriel was first used on 1999-09-15. Then I spent some time discussing the Academie Francaise with J. He said most French people would not understand any of the words used in the 1999-03-26 post above. Ok, back to work!


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