the team weakness

There's a first time for everything... tonight we had a team of six. I had tried to enlist a TV specialist but she cancelled on me. It was an amusing night though, guessing Madonna's height, beating a team of gay people :-)

Here were the questions for the TV round, where we scored 8.

1. What are the names of the two boys in Diffrent Strokes?
2. Mrs Garrett moved from Diffrent Strokes to which other show?
3. The ABC is also affectionately known as...
4. Who is the host of "Temptation"?
5. Who has an uncle Jimbo in South Park?
6. Who is Edmund Blackadder's servant?
7. Veronica Mars is set in which fictional town?
8. Who plays Veronica Mars?
9. In which ABC show are DC Carver and DCI Burnside?
10. This Desparate Housewives character commits suicide and season 1 and now narrates the show.
11. Denny Crane is the main character in...?
12. How many seasons of Friends were there?
13. Who is the uncle in the Addams Family?
14. In the OC, Marissa died in whose arms?
15. Who won It Takes Two?

"I wouldn't want to be on a team which did well in a TV round" -- Matt


At Friday, August 18, 2006 10:35:00 AM, Blogger Jenny said...

I think I only know the answers for no. 12 and 14...10 seasons and Ryan? I saw the episode of OC where Marrisa died.:)
When my coworkers(G,I,K) talk about famous TV stars or laugh using fad words from popular comdey shows, I have no idea what they talk about. And it makes me look like a nerdy and boring person.
But I should know a lot of the answers to these questions because I watch a lot of English TV programs.:)


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