toilet humour

Because I don't have a computer at home right now, I've stayed at uni late on a Friday night to watch game 5 of the Topalov-Kramnik match. But they are both behaving like children, arguing over the toilet! I can't believe this crap. The best live updates are at Susan Polgar's blog.

MOSCOW: Referees barred private toilets on Friday for the two grandmasters fighting for the world chess championship title in southern Russia after the contest was plunged into scandal over the frequency of one player's restroom breaks, ITAR-TASS news agency said.

Update 15:30h: Topalov is sitting at the board, Kramnik's clock is running. The 'game' started at 15:22h Elista time. 15:45h: Kramnik is in his rest room, and is waiting for his toilet to open.


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