fake mobile phone stores

Just laughing at some of the fake mobile phone stores out there advertised with Google adwords. Phonetastica is way beyond a joke. Today I saw e-mobileworld.net. After noting that they take only Western Union payments (which screams "fraud"), I looked at their "About Us" link (misspelled "AbousUs.html"). I noticed the gif at the bottom and remembered reading on a forum somewhere about another fake store which stole graphics from somewhere. Sure enough, when I typed "enterprise_ppl" into images.google.com, I found the image was from this site. Why can't these Nigerians put some effort into their fake stores?


schwarzer is a legend

John Safran removed the curse on the Socceroos with Johnny Warren's help and now we are through!! I couldn't believe it happened. I wish I could have been there in Sydney coz my flatmates were not exactly excited by it. Well. Recoba can take that "divine right" and shove it up his arse!!



Jenny is going back to Korea in a few weeks' time, and had some blank CDs, so she asked me to create a CD of my favourite music. How easily I am influenced by others' musical tastes.

1. Ceremony - New Order (UK)
2. Ask - The Smiths (UK)
3. Friedenspanzer - Die Aerzte (Germany)
4. Gharibeh Ashena - Googoosh (Iran)
5. To Ba Yak Dashte Por az Gol - Ahmad Zahir (Afghanistan)
6. Man O'Sand to Girl O'Sea - The Go-Betweens (Australia)
7. Just When You're Thinking Things Over - The Charlatans (UK)
8. The Mercy Seat - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (Australia)
9. Day You Come - Powderfinger (Australia)
10. Show Me Love - tatu (Russia)
11. Les Jeux D'Eau A Villa D'Este - Liszt/Bolet (Hungary)
12. Agaetis Byrjun - Sigur Ros (Iceland)
13. Aaj Mera Jee Karda - Sukhwinder Singh (India) (from "Monsoon Wedding" soundtrack)
14. Bulerias Turcas - Radio Tarifa (Spain)
15. Exils, La Molinera - Exils (Algeria) (from "Exils" soundtrack)