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misheard Prince lyrics

I was sure in "I Wanna Be Your Lover" he sings "I wanna be the only one you cook for". But apparently it is something else!


the wonderfulness of macs

My cheap flatmate bought a bargain scanner at Aldi. It is a Medion MD 90090 (product id 0x3022, vendor id 0x05da). He couldn't get it to work on his old PC (perhaps because it's only USB 1.1, and even though it says "backwards compatible" on the box, on the back of the scanner it says "USB 2.0"). I suggested it might work on my MacBook Pro. I plugged it in and tried Image Capture, but this didn't work, so I googled the product and vendor ID. I found it's also known as a Tevion or Aldi scanner, and someone on a German-language discussion board suggested that they didn't really make it themselves, the chipset has to be from someone else. They suggested it's really the same as the Microtek S400. So I went to the Microtek site and downloaded their Mac software and everything worked! Wow. The German people were saying to the Mac guy that he should sell it and buy a Canon because the box doesn't say it works with a Mac.



are bloody annoying. I don't feel bad about killing them at all and neither do truly enlightened people. There is no associated karmic problem, I am just making the world a better place!!


konglish part II

On the Univera site, they have a "bland introduction" link. Bahahaha!! I have to visit Seoul again just to pick up some t-shirts!!