SBS ads

Oh no, how dare SBS put ads in the middle of their programs! The world will end and the mute button on the remote control will wear out. I will get an EyeTV and record straight to the hard disk, then fast forward past the ads. Most annoying.



Recently I saw the film Swing directed by Tony Gatlif, a favourite director of mine. I love that Manouche guitar playing! I remember Vengo which I expected to be about flamenco but was mainly about getting pished.

I think RockWiz is rigged and so does my dad. The contestants are just too good to be true. No-one ever misses an answer. This show is just making the world a more cynical place.

Toshiba finally came out with their 16GB USB flash drive. 62600 yen translates to $A682. No indication of speed is given. I see the equivalent Corsair 16GB USB flash drive is $A320.60 at Pricepoint Computers, and a fast A-DATA 8GB USB flash drive is $A207.90 at yeahdone.com.au. Corsair drives didn't get good reviews at newegg.com. Perhaps I should buy the A-DATA one. But with the 16GB version I could get an exact copy of an 8.5GB DL DVD.

Been watching a bit of cricket lately... that Retravision ad with the Proclaimers song is kinda annoying.


Canberra, job satisfaction

Hello again! Long time no posts. I spent from Dec 1 to Dec 11 in our nation's capital. There are many things to see there - I visited the National Gallery of Australia, and the Egyptian Antiquities exhibition that's on there at the moment, the National Museum of Australia, Parliament House, Old Parliament House (with the National Portrait Gallery), Black Mountain Tower, Australian Institute of Sport, and the War Memorial. I tried to visit the Mint but the last entry is at 4pm on weekends.
On Sunday night I went to a party in Palmerston and had tasty Iranian food.

Often I complain here about how bad Brisbane public transport is, particularly on weekends and at peak hour, but Canberra's is worse. In order to visit many places and not waste lots of time travelling between these places, you need to have a car. So on the second weekend I hired a Mitsubishi 380 LX sedan from Thrifty's. It was fun to drive but more difficult to park than my Yaris, of course.

Now I seem to be writing this at work. I'm not feeling great job satisfaction right now unfortunately. It feels like I have been doing the same thing over and over for a while, and I haven't received any promotion for 2.5 years (in fact there is nowhere to go). Fortunately, I think someone is about to make me an offer!! I hope it's a good one that raises my self-esteem. Otherwise I will need to keep looking some more.