speaking in tongues

Last night's show had a frothing-at-the-mouth Zionist Austen Tayshus and a calm anti-Zionist Antony Loewenstein. (Just when I thought the show was really more suited to radio, they have an interesting episode.) It takes more courage to be an anti-Zionist Jew, and I don't trust people who wear sunnies indoors, so I felt sympathetic for AL from the start. AL sounded calm and measured talking about the equality of all people. I think back to my time living in Iran, always knowing that a non-Muslim was "worth" half as much as a Muslim at the time. A non-Muslim cannot be equal in a Muslim state. From my visit to Israel and the West Bank last year, I know that Jewish settlers make their own law, and non-Jews are not treated equally. AT didn't seem to have any arguments, he just changed the subject and asked why AL wasn't so concerned about Australia. AT just seemed so full of hatred. I'll definitely be buying AL's book when it comes out.


In the recent Australian Chess Championship, IM David Smerdon, leading the tournament with GM Ian Rogers, was playing white against FM Igor Goldenberg in the final round. In this position

he played 10. Bxf7+ which looks like a theoretical novelty - in the other six games with this position on chesslive White played 10. d4. But how can Bxf7+ be a good move in this position? Black does not really have any weaknesses and both players have four pieces developed. White reached a worse position by move 20 and it looks like 23. d4 and particularly 26. Rxd4 were further mistakes. It really wasn't such a good TN; perhaps he just wanted to play Bxf7+ again after it worked in his game against Lane?