sexy maths

THE Queensland Government has asked for help about how to make science and maths "sexy" for students.

I don't understand. Are there people out there who don't love maths? On the one hand I think: It's fortunate I am not a maths teacher or lecturer then. If I can't identify with people who don't love maths, I will never be a good teacher. On the other hand I think: all the students need is a teacher who loves maths, and they will start to love it themselves. But because teaching and lecturing pays so poorly in Australia, the people who really love it (a similar set to the people who are really good at it) often go into other fields. (Speaking in generalisations -- no offence intended to the good teachers out there!) Hence, the teachers are second-best, the students learn to hate maths and we have a vicious circle, like the brain-drain phenomenon. Hmmmmm. I feel grateful now I went to a school where the maths teachers always encouraged me and loved maths. Because lots of people didn't go to a school with good teachers, that means there are less good mathematicians for me to compete against for jobs! Thankyou parents!!