professorial chairs

Robin: There's Henry Drucker. He has a chair in history at Princeton. Oh, and the short man is Hershel Kaminsky. He has a chair in philosophy at Cornell.
Alvy Singer: Yeah? Two more chairs they got a dining room set.

-- Annie Hall

My boss at uni has a personal chair in statistics and has recently become the head of department. Yesterday I moved his chair to his new HoD office. As most of my readers will never get a personal chair, and some will never see one, I have decided to provide a picture of his. Brown is just not in the in color right now is it? It somehow reminds one of the 70s, Holden Geminis and Sergeant Bargearse.


breaking news from Jon Swift

According to Jon Swift, Michael Ledeen is dead. Or at least dying, so his sources tell him. He hasn't been able to get the sources on the phone but is running with the story anyway.


trapped inside the TV at FF

The other morning at FF the FF network screwed up and so the video clip was stuck on one image for some time. This really needs a caption, can my readers supply one?


job change, travel plans

I am quitting my UQ job and moving to Roam Consulting. I think this will be a good career move!! Also I am travelling in India in February and March. Anyone out there is welcome to join me because I have no idea what I'm doing. I am going to Find Myself though.


mobile phone madness

I bought a belt pouch just before Christmas at Garden City for my D600. But now when I go to answer calls I pull it out of the pouch and it rejects the call!! I am going insane. I did find some answers on the discussion forums.

PokerDoc wrote:
thx in advance WebGuru
First, TY for taking the time to read this..!!!
TY even more if you can answer and help

1. I keep my phone in a neoprene hip/belt holster...everytime the phone rings and I pull it out...it rejects the call....I think the phone is either sliding and closing...or the volume key is rejecting the call...any thoughts or fixes for this...

Dear PokerDoc

I also have the same problem. I have found that it wasn't the keys that were cancelling the incoming calls when I use my D500 with my leather pouch.

I found that when I put my phone next to the magnet which is embedded within the leather pouch it changes the state of the phone. so it goes from "unlocked" to saying "menu/ok" and when I take it away from my leather pouch it asks me whether I wanted to lock the phone.

I am not going to use the leather pouch anymore because the magnet in the pouch interferes with the phone.

Best Regards,


iPhone and 802.11n

Apple announced the iPhone! Yay! This basically means the iPod is dead as soon as the iPhone is actually released - or at least the iPod will only be for people who can't afford the phone. Everyone is comparing the iPhone to the Nokia N95, which I am strongly considering getting as my next phone, depending on the price I guess.

802.11n networking (10 times faster than 802.11g) is supposed to be in Apple's network products now. But they have not update the drivers for the laptops...



Pajamas Media alleges he has died but the only corroborating source is Ledeen. Ledeen's credibility is not good, he's the guy who posted a story about Montazeri writing a fatwa against suicide bombing which turned out to be untrue. He never retracted that story. Besides Pajamas Media (in this case actually Ledeen) reported he was sick in December but Allahpundit has pictures of him out and about since then.


Indian who wants to be a millionaire

The Indian version of this show has Episode recaps. How useful. There is a very strong focus on cricket trivia from all countries - I might find it difficult. I intend to watch some when I visit... the host for the new season will be Shahrukh Khan, a famous actor every Indian recognises. That's another difference between between the Indian version and other versions, the hosts in India are more famous.