bus accident


The Transinfo Journey Planner website has been down all day today (Monday). They must have gone on holidays... there are really some incompetent fools at the Brisbane City Council. It is really high time I bought a car, and to hell with buses and trains - but now the little utilitarian voice in my head speaks, saying "but what if everyone thought like this?"


One of the questions at the trivia night at the Shafston last night was "what is the formula for the area of a triangle?" We put down "bh/2" but I wanted to put down Heron's formula. Harry, the host, wasn't aware of this formula... and the two other PhDs in maths on the team couldn't seem to remember it either.


mobile scams

Got a missed call on my mobile from 03 8558 1444. As they didn't leave a message I didn't
call back... it was this scam
where they ring once and try to get you to call back to sell you ringtones. (My sister said "wan-giri has come to Australia!")

I've been doing lots of online shopping recently. Got a Samsung D600 for $619 + $55 shipping on ebay.com.au, order on Thursday November 29th. Today there are two sellers offering them for $600 total... Still, I love the phone. If phone makers would get their act together and bring us phones like the V604SH outside of Japan, I'd buy that instead!

I also bought a bunch of Taiyo Yuden DVDs from JPL Displays. Great price, I just wish they come on a spindle.